Project Runway: FoxParse – Season Two

So. Project Runway FoxParse happened at the start of the year, and it was pretty fun. I created a whole heap of new things to sell and showed them off in a mini capsule collection runway. It cost me a grand total of $500+ and I recouped…uh $200 of that. Maybe. It was a fun night but perhaps not a raging success. It was called ‘She Came From Beyond’ and I have made a photo album here so you can look and go ooh err. C’mon, do it.

This time around, I am doing another capsule collection as part of the Curvy Couture Roadshow (details of the first day in Perth are here!) which is doing a whistle stop tour of Australian Capital Cities! Woo! That’s A LOT OF PRESSURE. (there’s also a fundraising page here, that would be rad if you would look at it and maybe chuck a dollar or two our way).

So instead of just complaining on twitter about trying to get stuff done, I am going to do a bit of a production blog. To keep myself on track, to keep people interested and to keep a handle on my spending and making.

So here we are at part one: Design and Budgeting

These are the designs I have so far. OH HO HO POST ITS, YOU CAN TELL I WAS WORKING HARD THAT DAY!



Look One: A black satin swing dress, sleeveless, with a band of silver fabric on the bottom edge.

Look Two: a Grecian style maxi dress with long felt feather epaulettes. It will be a pale grey colour, with black or silver belting.

Look Three: Silver boatneck tshirt, loosely fitted. An A-line, hi-lo skirt, with feather embroidery along the ‘tail’.

Look Four/Extra Piece: A capelet, make of felt feathers, dip dyed. Tied with a thick black ribbon.

At the moment I’m calling the whole bollocks ‘CORVIDAE DOMINA’. Lady Bird, I guess, but when we’re talking corvids, we’re looking at big black birds with beady eyes and blood on their beaks. Big wings and loud voices. Huginn and Muninn. The one’s who watch the battlefield.

Budgetwise, I need to keep things A LOT cheaper than last time. No raw silk and handmade lace collars. No overblown spending. I’m sticking to easy to get a hold of fabric, dark colours, with embellishments. I’m hoping to keep costs under $150 all up.

It’s quite an undertaking to make even a little micro collection, doods. I am really pulling my hair out at how much work I have ahead of me. And the money involved. But with all creative undertakings, I am excited and terrified.




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